Tony O'Brien called on the Government to do everything possible “to achieve maximum suppression” in the fight against Covid-19 here.  Former Director General of the HSE Tony O'BrienCredit: PA:Press Association The former HSE chief called for maximum suppression of the virus He said the pandemic has shown that we can’t “outrun” tough choices and called on decision-makers to act swiftly as delaying the inevitable just results in “significantly more damage” to the country and the public. Speaking today at a seminar hosted by the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group (ISAG), former HSE Director General, Mr O’Brien said: "There is an absolute inevitability about a progressive move towards stricter measures.  "I think we can all agree whatever our perspective on how we got here, or where we're going to go, that the name of the game is maximum suppression. “Using the internal lockdown arrangements that we have; using control on entry into the country that; using vaccination strategies and so on, we must do everything that we can to achieve maximum suppression.  “And why not look here while constitutional politics on the island may limit some of the things that we would ideally do, they absolutely cannot provide an excuse for not trying. I think to fail to try is absolutely a recipe for disaster. He added: "My central point is that everything that is considered too far, unless we do some of those things, we're going to get to them eventually.  “But we're only going to get to them when we have done significantly more damage in terms of the illness impact on our country, the deaths that arise from that illness, and the economic impact that is very sustained and substantial right now, and it's going to have very long term implications for many individuals around their livelihoods and their sense of well being.” What we have seen progressively, as we've gone along with this, is the things that at an earlier stage were considered absolutely undoable are now being done Mandatory hotel quarantining for passengers arriving into Ireland from a list of 20 red list countries is set to come into force in the coming days here - a move which was previously shot down by the Government. And Mr O’Brien said the change in policy by the Government is a prime example of how certain measures to combat Covid-19 are inevitable. He said that decision-makers should stop fighting the hard choices and act quicker as holding off just causes more damage. He explained: “We see that now with the introduction of compulsory quarantine for people coming from certain countries.  “Yet to be fully implemented, but six or eight months ago that was characterised as being impossible. And I think what we are learning is that we can't outrun decisions. There are decisions that are going to have to be made.  He continued: “So to politicians, to those who are making these decisions - and I don't say this to be harsh or critical, because I recognise that it's a very difficult place to be weighing all this up and making those decisions - just look back over the last year.  “Think of all the decisions that are now being made, now being implemented, that were considered impossible to contemplate a year ago. They're now being done. “Look at the next set of things that will have to be done - and just think of the benefits of doing those things more quickly, of having those tough discussion.  “We're either going to have to do this as a country, as an island, or as two islands. But one way or the other, we're gonna have to do this if we want to get through this.”  ISAG has been advocating for a Zero Covid approach which seeks to eliminate the virus from the island. Mr O’Brien was one of the guests at today’s seminar discussing the origin of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Ireland, and how we can develop a strategy to take control of it. Addressing the panel, the ex-HSE chief said fatigue was setting in amongst the public as we approached the anniversary of the first lockdown. He said: "We're probably now in one of the most difficult phases of this in terms of social cohesion and the understanding of society for the ongoing measures that we're all having to live with, which are indeed increasingly difficult as we approached the first anniversary of the first lockdown.  "We're all experiencing fatigue, exhaustion and so on. But, in my view, I think it's important that we have a discussion that's not based around blame and recrimination but is about learning and looking forward. "What we have seen progressively, as we've gone along with this, is the things that at an earlier stage were considered absolutely undoable are now being done. Trumps seen together for 1st time since leaving WH with Mar-a-Lago guest Irish EuroMillions numbers as €206million jackpot up for grabs On a slightly more positive note, Mr O’Brien said the rollout of vaccinations was “a really important, welcomed element” in the fight against the virus, but stressed there was still some way to go. He said: “We simply cannot assume that vaccination is the panacea because there can be new variants which alter the game.


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